Why Just Another Blog on Natural Health?

When I started my blog, I had no real direction with it. Should I write opinion pieces? Should I write about raising my family? I ended up not writing much at all because I hadn’t set a clear purpose. But my blog post from last week titled, “Why My Body Has Quit,” has set the stage. I want to share my journey to health, what I have learned along the way, and what I hope others can learn from me. I will be focusing on natural healing and nutrition, primarily. I realize that this will limit my audience, but I also hope it will expand my audience to those I may not yet know who are looking for answers, or, at the very least, hope.

The thing about journeys is that there are always bumps in the road. Sometimes you need to make a U-turn, other times you’re making too many bathroom stops. But the journey itself continues on, regardless what direction you are heading. Here is my disclaimer: I am not all-knowing. I am always learning. I will try to give you further research and references on a topic, but there will be times I am simply speaking from experience. If there is any word of advice I could give you, it is this: Research. Be your own professor, your own detective. I am thankful for a mother who has always done just that, and found answers to my health issues long before my doctors, only to be confirmed by them later. The same can be said for her mother, my grandma. My mom shares a similar story to mine, and there were even fewer answers in the 60s and 70s. When my mom was told that her debilitating symptoms were all in her head, my grandmother kept searching. Years later, it was my grandma who learned about Myasthenia Gravis, and, sure enough, my mom was diagnosed, and she finally had a name for her “insanity.” She had a real muscular disease. It had not been “in her head” after all. I am simply receiving the baton that has been passed to me through the women in my family to always seek knowledge, apply it to my life, and help others do the same.

Maybe you don’t suffer from chronic illness. My blog will be equally for you. I won’t be focusing on specific illnesses, rather, I will simply be focusing on health. If you consider yourself to be healthy, wonderful! Recognize the blessing you have and seek to keep it. Learn for yourself, learn for your family, learn for others. Be empowered. Have hope!


Age 16: The sickest of my life. Pale, skin and bones. Age 26: The healthiest of my life. Color in my face, life in my eyes! Follow my blog to learn what made the difference for me and how I intend to get back to the “healthiest of my life.”


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