20 Flu-Fighters to Have On-Hand this Season

I went from being the girl who was always sick to the girl that never got sick by improving my immune function and my health in general. It was awesome. Unfortunately, my immune system has been taking a hit in recent years, and I’m back to being the girl who is ALWAYS sick. Ugh. I’m working on this! Thankfully, I have a powerful arsenal at my disposal. It has been taking up what little counter space I have in my kitchen these past few weeks with either myself or someone else in our family having been sick at any given time. But no counter space is a small price to pay for feeling better and shortening the amount of time and severity of symptoms from the flu.

I hope your family has been healthier than ours has this past month. But if you do find yourself getting a tickle in your throat, or worse, here are 20 things you should have on-hand to combat that flu! (These are just the products I use. Feel free to discover your own products and brands. Affiliate links below, thanks!)

1. Flu Plus
This homeopathic tablet is my “go-to” the moment I feel a little something coming on. I keep a bottle in my purse at all times, and I never travel without it. It is that amazing. Often, if I catch it soon enough, I will beat the bug before it has a chance to take hold. The best part, the tablets are a bit sweet, and they dissolve quickly under the tongue for maximum absorption. I take 1 tablet every 15 minutes for the first hour, and then one hourly until my symptoms are gone.

2. Raw Garlic, Onions, Peppers
These powerful germ-fighters will be your best friend when you are sick. They just won’t be your spouse’s. I have eaten so much raw garlic today that my husband has asked me to not speak in his direction even though he is a few feet away from me. But, hey, I’m feeling better, so I don’t care if I alienate the world for a few days. Because these can be so potent, they can be a bit hard for your taste buds to tolerate. I cut my raw garlic cloves in small slices and eat it with salsa and corn chips. (I typically am not a promoter of corn products, but this is my exception!) If you are feeling extra brave, try making this “Plague Tonic” from Granny Good Food.

Raw garlic is a natural remedy for fighting the flu.

Raw garlic is a natural remedy for fighting the flu.

3. Alka Seltzer Gold
Studies show that our immune system’s ability to fight off infection is related to our pH levels. A body that is too acidic, which is all too common, is prone to colds and flus. Sodium bicarbonate, the main active ingredient in Alka Seltzer, helps balance our acidic-alkaline levels. But make sure you buy Alka Seltzer Gold (not “Cold”), as opposed to regular Alka Seltzer or their other products, as it doesn’t have aspirin or other ingredients added. I have only been able to find this product at CVS drug stores or online. Baking soda is a great supplement!

4. Eucalyptus Oil
We use this in our house to help clear sinuses and also in place of Vapo-Rub, which has toxic petrochemicals in it. Use a carrier oil, such as coconut, if placing it directly on your skin. I’ve been using coconut/eucalyptus oil directly on my sinuses the past 24 hours, and when my daughter was sick last week we rubbed it on her chest to help her breathe more easily at night.

5. Thieves’ Oil
This is a blend of essential oils that has a really interesting background! I will let you go look up its history and where the name derives from, but I will tell you that this stuff is great at killing germs and keeping your household healthy! You can use it in a diffuser in your home, add it to hand soap, or put it directly on your skin. Rubbing it directly on the soles of the feet is a great way to receive its benefits, as well. We use doTERRA’s version of it: On Guard.

6. Sinus Rinse
Congestion and sinus pain can be the worst! Try to regularly clear your sinuses to prevent further infections from developing and to simply remedy your misery. A great way to do this is by using a sinus rinse. I prefer this one because it is so easy.

7. Sinusin Spray
This is another homeopathic remedy I swear by. It is a nasal spray, but per my homeopath’s recommendation, we spray it into our throat instead of our nose. It fights viruses on contact, and we seem to have better results spraying it in the throat.

8. Colloidal Silver
If you are not familiar with colloidal silver, become familiar with it! This natural anti-viral, antibiotic, all-around germ killer has got to be the best kept secret around. Like Flu Plus, colloidal silver is my #1 “go-to” at the first sign of a virus. (It can also be used topically to kill bacteria/fungus.) It’s powerful stuff!

9. Vitamins C, D3, A
If there is only one thing on this entire list that you take into consideration, let it be this! These 3 vitamins can battle any flu out there. Please do your own research, but here is the protocol I follow when I’m sick. I take 50,000 iu of Vitamin D3 and Vitamin A divided on day one, and then I cut back to 25,000 iu of Vitamin A a day until I’m much better. Vitamin D3 I continue taking at 50,000 iu until all symptoms are gone. (Note, these high dosages are not for children.) In addition, I do a Vitamin C “flush.” Take 2,000 mg every 30 minutes until you have diarrhea. Yes, you read that right. You cannot overdose on Vitamin C. Your body knows when it’s had enough, and you will spend a few minutes on the toilet, but it’s not as bad as it sounds! The next day I take 70% of the total from the previous day’s flush divided throughout the day, followed by 70% of that amount the next day, etc.

10. Good Ol’ H2O
Drink tons of water! I usually fail at this, but I notice a huge difference when I actually pay attention to my water intake when I’m sick. When all else fails, flush it out!

Here are 10 more flu-fighters to have on-hand this season:

11. Apple Cider Vinegar
12. Oil of Oregano (capsules)
13. Xylitol Nasal Spray
14. Activated Charcoal (for stomach issues)
15. Burt’s Bees Cough Drops (the most effective ones I’ve found)
16. Pulsatilla (homeopathic remedy for congestion)
17. B & T Cough Syrup
18. Echinacea
19. Elderberry Extract
20. Olive Leaf Extract

Many of these 20 items can be used daily to improve general immune function and then increased during times of illness. I’m not the expert on uses/dosages, but I can tell you how I have used these products, if you have further questions.

Above all, diet is everything! Eat nutrient-rich foods, avoid inflammatory ones, and lay off the junk. I know, I know, that is easier said than done, especially around the holidays!

Here is to a happy, healthy winter!


Do you have any other natural remedies you use to fight the flu?


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